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The Boring Stuff:
Introduce yourself- Hi, I'm Catherine Slasor. I'm 17 and a Junior at Hudson's Bay High School. My birthday is September 11th and I love the color pink.
What are some of your hobbies? I love taking pictures of whatever I can find, I'm a major shop-o-holic, I'm in CYT outside of school and Girls Honor Chior through my school.
Do you smoke, do drugs, or drink? I refuse to smoke or do drugs (besides ones that are doctors orders) but i've been known to have a drink or two when i'm with friends or at a party, but I know my limit and I've NEVER gone over it.

Movies- The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music, Rainman
Bands/Singers- Not Long After, Trippleswift, Barlow Girl, Jet, Diana DeGarmo, Kimberley Locke, Kelly Clarkson, The Darkness, 50 Cent (got the CD from my ex as a gift and it's not that bad), and when i'm in a strange mood Good Charlotte
Food/Drink- Saffron (it's the stamen of that flower) Chicken and Rice, almost any pasta dish, milk, Razzmatazz Jamba Juice and fresca
TV Shows- The OC, Tru Calling, Nanny 911, House, Numbers, CSI Las Vegas, Desperate Housewives, Gray's Anatomy
Actor/Actress- Johnny Depp, Dick Van Dyke, Billy Bob Thornton, Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom, Robert Duval, Ray Liotta, Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise, Adam Sandler, George Clooney, Denzel Washington, Cuba Gooding Jr, Ed Harris, Eddie Izzard, Julie Andrews, Deira Knightley, Audrey Hepburn, Ashley Judd, Gwyneth Paltrow, Dakota Fanning
Magazine/Book- Teen Vogue, Cosmo (not girl), Blender, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Hard Love, The Breakable Vow, Lucas, the Full series (Full House, Full Speed, Full Bloom)
Quote- "It's better to have loved and lost then to never have loved before"
Post a picture of your style. big flirt skirt (or depends on if i'm tired in the morning and don't want to shave or not),
Old Navy Shirt
and matching shoes.

What would you say is your best quality? Worst? My best quality is being a good friend. I'm always there for people when they need me and everyone knows that my cell phone is my 24 hour a day hotline. If someone needs me for anything they know they can call and I will be there for them. My worst quality is that I get distracted easily. If i'm listening to someone it's fine but if i'm sitting in class and writing a note I will jump all over the place and never stay on the same topic.
Give 5 words to describe yourself. Why? Quarky (Because i'm usually always in a good mood and being a dork), Shy (If i'm around people that go to my shcool I can be me and strange but if i'm around people from another school i'm usually very back-off-ish), strange (almost everyone I know would call me strange), kind (i'm always there for my friends and family), kinky (personal nick-name from an ex...not for the naughty reason...because he found hand cuffs in my bed from my 4 year old cousin who made it into a fort...the name has stuck for 4 1/2
What qualities do you look for in a friend? I look for someone that I know will tell me the truth even if I don't really want to hear it. They have to be able to trust me with anything and I have to have that trust with them, and I look for someone that I can have a good time with.
Do you put labels on people and/or stereotype them? BE HONEST! I have been known to do it until I get to know them, everyone does. It's the way they look and the way they treat you the first time you meet them. Once I get to know them the stereotype usually goes away...unless they actually lived up to what I thought of them in the first place.
What inspires you? I'm inspired by my friends who have grown up in broken homes and still come out on top. My best friend's mom was 17 when she had her, her dad left while her mom was pregnant and her mom has been in denial over EVERYTHING her entire life. She just recently got a letter of recemendation from our American Sign Language teacher who only gives one person a letter every year. She chooses who she thinks desearves it and my best friend got it. That letter might help her get into college...she inspires me everyday that things do get better.
What are you passionate about? I'm very passionate about my life. I hate living a day by holding back, I want to be me everyday and goof around. I usually try something new everyday and log it in a personal journal that I have hidden in my room.

What do you think about sex before marriage? I'm 17 and i'm not a virgin. I lost my virginity on my 17th birthday to my ex who I had been in and out of relationships with for almost 4 years. Him and I have had such a past together that I felt very comfortable around him and trusted him that if anything might have happened that he would be there for me and not leave. My feeling towards it are that if you feel you are ready and you could take care of a child in 9 months than go ahead, but if you don't feel right about the situation it isn't supposed to happen.
What do you think about the Michael Jackson trial? Guilty or not? I think Michael is guilty. He is an amazing artist but he has lived a very stressfull life and it's horrid that all of this is coming out now.
What do you think about people who are extremely rude (ie. “your music sucks”, “you’re ugly/fat/stupid”, etc) to applicants in communities like these? I think that they find something that they are jealous of in an application so they have to make themselves feel better by making someone else feel bad. It's all a power struggle and it's not right. They should be banned or put on a temporaray leave.
Do you believe in love at first sight? What about soulmates? Do you think everyone will find “the one” someday? Why or why not? I do believe in love at first sight...I think I have felt it before but i'm too insecure to find out if he feels the same way. Soulmates are something that everyone has but not very many people find theirs. I think that everyone has one and that even if it takes until your 60 to find him or her they are out there somewhere. If your lucky enough to find yours early i'm very jealous! lol

Post 3-5 pictures of you. Clear shots, and no stupid faces please!
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by (my best friend Virlynda and I...i'm on the right. Sorry that they are in black and white or sepia...I love color fading and being able to change a picture with the click of a button...if you want me to post a color picture let me know, and sorry about the size)

Why do you think you’re the best? I think i'm the best because if you don't think highly of yourself throughout life your not going to get anything. I belive if you belive in something strong enough and act on it there will most likly be a positive outcome.
What can you contribute if accepted? I participate in themes and challenges like crazy, I love taking pictures of myself and the people around me and would be more than happy to post pictures, and I can make banners...and I know people who can make them too.
What do you think of the mods? I am in r_u_girly with ears17 and sweet_pea089 and they are amazing...joemamma0222 I'm not in any communities but if she is co-mod she has to be great!
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