So much (dreadoll) wrote in ljs_best,
So much


I have your average millionare dream

I'd go on a shopping spree here:


And here:

I'd buy tons of shoes, skirts, shorts, shirts, and swimsuits. (Oh my gosh, those all start with an 's'!) Hahah, I am a loser...

I'd for sure buy a car, and it would probaby be a BMW. I'm liking this one:

I'd also buy a swimming pool with a waterfall like this:

I don't think I'd have enough money left for a house, and I like my house now. I'd just put the rest in savings for college. Or I'd give some to my dad so he could start investing in real estate. Or I'd start investing in real estate. OR I could go in a partnership with my dad and invest in real estate. But the rest would go to my funding for a college like Brown or something.
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